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Introducing Smart Infrared Night Vision

Introducing our new infra-red night vision which comes with all our new HD cameras. This is called ‘Smart IR’ which gives an even field of infra-red lighting to the camera image rather than a spot of infra-red as before. READ MORE


Products & Innovations 


Offering The Very Latest Security Features 

4K CCTV screen quality 

4K technology is the new kid on the block, and can improve the security of your access system.

Facial recognition 

We invest in the latest technology and are excited to offer a fully integrated facial recognition system, whether you are looking for an upgrade or a completely new solution.

CCTV security analytics 

With 24/7 support and monitoring available, it has never been easier to run analytics on your CCTV. We prioritise the safety of your business and offer remote diagnostics on all systems.

Doorbell cameras

The doorbell camera is the latest in a set of high-quality technological investments we have made and is a great addition to a comprehensive CCTV system.


Offering The Very Latest In Electrical Innovation 

Fire alarm technology 

Fire alarm technology has improved substantially from the earliest systems on the market. Talk to us at Cameratech Projects to find out more about the latest developments.

Smart home integrations 

Combining the latest home automation and security technology, smart home systems are getting more advanced by the day. From doorbells and burglar alarms to HD security cameras, they offer the peace of mind that comes with being fully protected.

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Texecom Master User Guide

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