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What is access control?

Access control allows the user to permit or deny anyone from entering a specific area or resource by use of such systems as swipe technology, smart card or PIN access. For more advance protection we can also install for real time identification. Our access systems give you greater control to who enters and leaves your business premises, thus improving the overall security.

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Biometric solutions

Using the most contemporary real-time identification technology, our biometric systems counter the problems inherent in older, more traditional card, pin code & token based applications. Though adequate for some businesses, many of our clients look to more sophisticated solutions using systems that utilize iris and retinal scan, speech, facial thermograms and hand geometry. These systems solve problems such as lost, damaged and forged cards. As the price and availability of biometric identification equipment has improved significantly, high security applications are now entering the mainstream access control market.


Our equipment provides integration with numerous applications, including CCTV and digital video, visitor management, time and attendance, fire alarms, intercoms, intruder alarms and many more.

  • Access control system operation
  • Barcode technology
  • Magnetic swipe technology
  • Proximity card technology
  • Smart card
  • PIN access

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EDENA premium website template
EDENA premium website template
EDENA premium website template
EDENA premium website template

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